Layla Benmusa Director of Cryptologist Limited— The unspoken truth about encryption

As senior director of cryptology how do you, detect threats?

Patterns, are key and humans behaviour often conforms to them most of the time unconsciously. I conduct targeted analysis, of suspected individuals, this can mean looking at network traffic, and examining, the details such as, the duration of any connections being made, the sizes of any files being downloaded, and the frequency of visits made to suspicious websites, and the time of these connections. We want to build a complete picture and the information collate help facilitate with this.

Can you advise on what cryptanalysis methods are used by your organisation?

Unfortunately, I cant, as some of theses techniques, would be harmful. What I can however say, is that it some circumstances it may be necessary to, use advance techniques, but this all really comes down to individual case by case circumstance. For example, if the suspect is using encryption we can circumvent this using relay attacks, let’s assume a suspect is using, 4096 key, that is end to end encrypted, we won’t break the encryption, or prevent access to the account,we will simply, mointor the what is happeing in real time and, capture what we need, to the “suspect” it will appear, as the systems they are using has an error and not that we are interceping communcations, but the time delay, not done frequently, otherwise it will arouse suspicion.

How important is information to your organisation in the digital age and why?

Information, will always, be valuable, and so ensuring it stays protected and unreachable to malign actors, will always be of top prevalent, to my organisation, now and I suspect in years to come.

How will your organisation use AI?

AI will help, dramatically, in enabling us to automate, certain task, however AI will never replace the need for, human intervention or creative thinking. Our adversaries will often try and emulate, our methods and techniques, by but using artificial intelligence, we are able to detect, anomalies and behaviour, that does not fit the norms, this can often help us to, piece the puzzle together.