How important do you feel it is for your organisation, to accesses encryption?

I see it as vitally fundamental, just as you and I want to protect our data, online criminals, sexual predators, terrorist, and organised criminals, also want the same protection to ensure they evade detection, from law enforcement agencies. Encryption is often used criminals and can often hinder our efforts and this is something I work tirelessly to address over the past few years and I am now confident we have come to an agreement that will enable me to do just that.

Why does your organisation need…

Can you provide your opinion on what algorithms are post-quantum safe and why?

I believe the very essence, of quantum- cryptography has much to be learned and that is a good thing for us all. Many of our industry partners today, are all actively working towards the same common goal of designing quantum safe algorithms that, are secure and — that look to address the individual needs of cryptography as we have come to know it today.

With that being said, I am confident of the research, that is currently been conducted, here within the united kingdom and with our partners overseas, to ensure we have, quantum algorithms. I feel it would be totally unfair for me to comment on this subject at present as it is dependant of many different variables, and individual requirements.

Can you give your advise on the use of obsolete encryption protocols?

Any encryption protools, that are rendered redundant, by official bodies, should be phased out, as soon as it is feasible to do so.

What are the risk’s of not phasing out obsolete encryption protocols?

If you, are tasked with protecting sensitive, or confidential data, then I see it fundamentally vital, to ensure that you only use protocols that offer adequate and security.

Can you explain what vulnerabilities if any surround the use of obsolete protocols?

There are plenty, but to keep it short, you are most likely to…

As senior director of cryptology how do you, detect threats?

Patterns, are key and humans behaviour often conforms to them most of the time unconsciously. I conduct targeted analysis, of suspected individuals, this can mean looking at network traffic, and examining, the details such as, the duration of any connections being made, the sizes of any files being downloaded, and the frequency of visits made to suspicious websites, and the time of these connections. We want to build a complete picture and the information collate help facilitate with this.

Can you advise on what cryptanalysis methods are used by your…

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